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Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 days of Horror......

The season is upon us my friends, where all things goolish, come out and play. the most exciting time of year. it is when you can make your friends/loved ones watched the most horrific movies; All in the name of Halloween. I like to pull out some of the most depraved things I have ever seen lol.... but I would not recommend that idea, for a Netflix and chill night.

Into The Further We Go

I would like to start the list out with one of my all time favorites. since Halloween takes us into the darkness and furthest reaches of a sick mind..... Insidious (2010)made the most sense.

This movie has a bit of everything. You have an amazing cast (you actually care about the family). The story-line is thought-out from beginning to end. When you are stressed and freaked out they even add in some humor ( all smart horror masters due).

You have a family that moves into a new home in California. After moving in one of their sons goes to sleep and never wakes up. The mother starts to believe the house is haunted, of course the dad doesn't (typical). Only issue is, it's not the house that is haunted....... IT IS THEIR SON!!!

But what truly makes this film great is the depiction of the demon and the further. the understand that setting can be a character in a film. Sometimes a truly vital character.

But for me it all boils down to that creepy Bitch? in a dress ( if you've seen it you now what I mean).
The ending makes it special. I hope you enjoy this haunted house pleasure.

I'll be back with a new film all this month.....Enjoy!!!