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Friday, October 21, 2016

Thrill Seekers

Sometimes we want to go out and do something exciting; who doesn't it always seems so fun. sadly for some of us it doesn't end up well. Unlike these poor souls in these films, most of use just deal with wet socks, bugs and all around uncomfortableness.

Who doesn't want to go to a forgotten nuclear plant in the old USSR? Sounds like an amazing time, and will probably be thought provoking. Right.....

Well these kids of course they are American, find parts of a forgotten world that most would like to forget. I will say this there are some jumps and it was much more entertaining than I thought. Always be cautious when going to eastern Europe....... morality of the story.  


 I always enjoy a great chick movie, but not that sappy shit, unless its called for ( who doesn't love Steal Magnolias). But when you can have a bunch of bad ass women; then mix in some secrets and scandal..... it's a fucking winner!!!

This movie is a lot of fun. You have some girlfriends who all go climbing or as they say spelunking into caves. They get lost, drama ensues, and the dark isn't helpful. You never know what is around the corner.
Honorable mention: There is a number 2, but please refrain from watching the trailer till you watch the first.

The alternative Romeo & Juliet.. this story is deep dark and lovely. What is not to love. Yea the parents had to go ( let's be honest Dangerfield was a perv!!).

Just like any teen love affair there is no room for adults, and anyone who gets in their way, is just waiting to die!!  Lets not forget Creepy Robert Downey ( he deserved it). Yes Oliver Stone does do some good work; that's not conspiracy heavy.

Here's a taste to wet that palate.