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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tom Cruise's tiptoe into Horror

Good Afternoon my friends! For my second choice I thought I would give you a little, creature feature. While vampires aren't full on creature's.... they damn sure aren't people. But that is why we love them. They have an amazing ability to seduce their victims, make people want to be them, and look amazing for all eternity. All garlic aside of course.

Yes the movie I have been alluding too is Interview with the Vampire (1994). By far one of my favorite Tom Cruise films. Dear Lestat, wasn't the lead but he definitely stole the show. The film focuses around Brad Pitts character Louis. We see his transformation and even his trouble with killing ( succumbing to eating rats.... low brow vampire.)
Poor Louie looses it all. The plague has ravaged Europe, leaving him alone. His whole family dies. It is at their graves that, he runs into Lestat. Then he is offered a deal he can't refuse.

We also get to meet a young Kirsten Dunst, she plays Claudia. Claudia is also sick with the black death. Louie finds her and decides he will save her from her fate. Maybe it is his need to be a father again. But is  being immortal  (a child forever) a gift or a curse?

What other 90's film would be complete with out the heartthrob of the decade.... Christian Slater. He plays, a reporter who, happens to be taking Louie story. Of course he does not believe that there is a thing as vampires. He will definitely be in for a surprise.

Feast on this little nibble of a feature.