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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Asia Extreme

Some of the best films being made have come out of Asia. They are able to tell a ghost story in such a way, that it was reminiscent of classic films. For me I think it as to be the cultural influence. Some cultures having such a strong connection to the afterlife and understanding that maybe something can linger on a land. When you want something outside the box, and do not mind reading these are some films you should check out. Just a few of my favorites.

1. Old Boy -Korea
This films focuses on this man, being kidnapped and held captive for 15yrs, only to be released and asked to figure who and why he was taken.

There are so many different parts of this film that blew my mind. I can't say t much because, it would be spoiler heavy. Lets just say this is worth a watch. It is part of a trilogy of vengeance.

This movie is about a family struggling to deal with deaths within the family.

The story is really quite beautiful and you become very drawn in. It is a mystery wrapped up with paranormal events.

3. I Saw the Devil-Korea
A secret agent in Seoul young fiancé is killed by a serial killer. He exacts revenge. He captures the man, releases him and does it again. Inflicting as much pain on as he can till he decides to finish him off.

The killer is actually the main character from Old Boy.

4. Ju-On-Japan
This is a ghost story about a curse that has taken control of a house. Anyone who enters the house is now infected.

There is an American movie The Grudge, which I happened to enjoy, but this one is just truly creepy.
5. Ichi the Killer-Japan
This movie is a hard one to describe. You have a crazed yakuza enforcer, searching for his boss. He is also obsessed with pain. He comes across Ichi and realizes this guy might be able to give him the pain he wants.

 If you like blood and just chaos then this is a film you need to see.

6. Audition-Japan
A sleazy television producer/ widower sets up, with the help of a friend, an audition for him to meet a woman. The woman he meets might not be as sweet as he hopes.

Reasons why you should not abuse your position and host a fake audition. You might not be the only one with an agenda. This is a film I searched for when I first got into Asian horror. Did not disappoint at all.

7. Shutter-Thailand
 A young photographer and his girlfriend, get into an accident on a country road, one night. They soon discover shortly after returning to Bangkok, strange things in their photos. 

There is an American remake, and surprisingly it is good, usually they don't transfer as well.

8. Dumplings-China (Hong Kong)
An older actress obsessed, with staying young a prominent, hears of women in town, who has the secret to the fountain of youth. It's all in the dumplings.

This is great, because it captures a fear many people have. What would you do to hold on to your beauty?

These are my top 8 films and all have something different to offer. Enjoy