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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Asia Extreme

Some of the best films being made have come out of Asia. They are able to tell a ghost story in such a way, that it was reminiscent of classic films. For me I think it as to be the cultural influence. Some cultures having such a strong connection to the afterlife and understanding that maybe something can linger on a land. When you want something outside the box, and do not mind reading these are some films you should check out. Just a few of my favorites.

1. Old Boy -Korea
This films focuses on this man, being kidnapped and held captive for 15yrs, only to be released and asked to figure who and why he was taken.

There are so many different parts of this film that blew my mind. I can't say t much because, it would be spoiler heavy. Lets just say this is worth a watch. It is part of a trilogy of vengeance.

This movie is about a family struggling to deal with deaths within the family.

The story is really quite beautiful and you become very drawn in. It is a mystery wrapped up with paranormal events.

3. I Saw the Devil-Korea
A secret agent in Seoul young fiancé is killed by a serial killer. He exacts revenge. He captures the man, releases him and does it again. Inflicting as much pain on as he can till he decides to finish him off.

The killer is actually the main character from Old Boy.

4. Ju-On-Japan
This is a ghost story about a curse that has taken control of a house. Anyone who enters the house is now infected.

There is an American movie The Grudge, which I happened to enjoy, but this one is just truly creepy.
5. Ichi the Killer-Japan
This movie is a hard one to describe. You have a crazed yakuza enforcer, searching for his boss. He is also obsessed with pain. He comes across Ichi and realizes this guy might be able to give him the pain he wants.

 If you like blood and just chaos then this is a film you need to see.

6. Audition-Japan
A sleazy television producer/ widower sets up, with the help of a friend, an audition for him to meet a woman. The woman he meets might not be as sweet as he hopes.

Reasons why you should not abuse your position and host a fake audition. You might not be the only one with an agenda. This is a film I searched for when I first got into Asian horror. Did not disappoint at all.

7. Shutter-Thailand
 A young photographer and his girlfriend, get into an accident on a country road, one night. They soon discover shortly after returning to Bangkok, strange things in their photos. 

There is an American remake, and surprisingly it is good, usually they don't transfer as well.

8. Dumplings-China (Hong Kong)
An older actress obsessed, with staying young a prominent, hears of women in town, who has the secret to the fountain of youth. It's all in the dumplings.

This is great, because it captures a fear many people have. What would you do to hold on to your beauty?

These are my top 8 films and all have something different to offer. Enjoy

Friday, October 21, 2016

Thrill Seekers

Sometimes we want to go out and do something exciting; who doesn't it always seems so fun. sadly for some of us it doesn't end up well. Unlike these poor souls in these films, most of use just deal with wet socks, bugs and all around uncomfortableness.

Who doesn't want to go to a forgotten nuclear plant in the old USSR? Sounds like an amazing time, and will probably be thought provoking. Right.....

Well these kids of course they are American, find parts of a forgotten world that most would like to forget. I will say this there are some jumps and it was much more entertaining than I thought. Always be cautious when going to eastern Europe....... morality of the story.  


 I always enjoy a great chick movie, but not that sappy shit, unless its called for ( who doesn't love Steal Magnolias). But when you can have a bunch of bad ass women; then mix in some secrets and scandal..... it's a fucking winner!!!

This movie is a lot of fun. You have some girlfriends who all go climbing or as they say spelunking into caves. They get lost, drama ensues, and the dark isn't helpful. You never know what is around the corner.
Honorable mention: There is a number 2, but please refrain from watching the trailer till you watch the first.

The alternative Romeo & Juliet.. this story is deep dark and lovely. What is not to love. Yea the parents had to go ( let's be honest Dangerfield was a perv!!).

Just like any teen love affair there is no room for adults, and anyone who gets in their way, is just waiting to die!!  Lets not forget Creepy Robert Downey ( he deserved it). Yes Oliver Stone does do some good work; that's not conspiracy heavy.

Here's a taste to wet that palate.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

3 For 1 Deal, Special on Clowns

Coulrophobia: The fear of Clowns

Since I was sick the last two days, I had not been able to post. So consider yourself lucky. We have a special on clowns. I happen to hate clowns with a passion. And for some reason, around this time of year people take it to far. There are actually people running around in costume, scaring whoever they can. Let's just say, I would freak if I bumped into one of these weirdos on the T.

If you are going to start with clowns, there is truly only one way to go. This movie did such a number on me as a kid. It is kind of funny now looking back at it. I admit at times they still creep me out.

Agh the 80's, what a decade filled with cinematic masterpiece's. Killer Clowns from Outer Space, crashed landed on us in 1988. While clowns has always been a concern, and a good way to freak out kids. Aliens clowns, not the biggest budget, questionable acting are what make this movie entertaining. It is definitely a film you go into watching, not expecting an Oscar level screenplay (but hey sometimes, those suck).

The premise is easy, Alien clowns crashed land on Earth, and terrorize a small town.

Clowns didn't just haunt the 80's, they are a cinematic treasure, that crosses decades. So when new clown films come out, I get excited. I know it sounds a little masochistic, but isn't that why we all tune in?????

Eli Roth being the horror lover that he is, obviously feels the same, about the masked creeps. He produced the 2014 film Clown. The movie is directed and written by, Jon Watts, and written by Christopher Ford.

This also has a easy premise, a father finds a clown suit in the attic, puts it on after the clown cancels for his son's birthday party. First off I couldn't believe that kid's still want to have clown parties. while the plot may seem easy, it is how everything plays out that makes this movie fun.

Of course there was only, one film that could be saved for last. This film is what gave most now adults, fears in their childhood. What's crazy is that this was a television movie; back when they were on more than just Lifetime.This film also let us know that forever, Tim Curry will be the man!!!

Now this movie, starts out as just a truly creepy clown flick. Kids start to go missing and are found savagely, killed. A group of misfit's attempt to fight the clown. Once when they are kids growing up, in small town Maine. Then again 30yrs later, as adults. Hoping this time, they put him down forever.

 It was a television movie, so it played over two nights. It started out really strong.Then Stephen King runs into a problem, I would say happens a lot; the ending. Just to be safe I won't spoil it, but  all of you that have seen it, know what I mean.

For Your Information:
This movie is in the process of being remade, it comes out 2017. It will be interesting to see how this ends up. I'm sure it won't be as good as Tim Curry's Pennywise "the clown". The production quality on the other hand should be great.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tom Cruise's tiptoe into Horror

Good Afternoon my friends! For my second choice I thought I would give you a little, creature feature. While vampires aren't full on creature's.... they damn sure aren't people. But that is why we love them. They have an amazing ability to seduce their victims, make people want to be them, and look amazing for all eternity. All garlic aside of course.

Yes the movie I have been alluding too is Interview with the Vampire (1994). By far one of my favorite Tom Cruise films. Dear Lestat, wasn't the lead but he definitely stole the show. The film focuses around Brad Pitts character Louis. We see his transformation and even his trouble with killing ( succumbing to eating rats.... low brow vampire.)
Poor Louie looses it all. The plague has ravaged Europe, leaving him alone. His whole family dies. It is at their graves that, he runs into Lestat. Then he is offered a deal he can't refuse.

We also get to meet a young Kirsten Dunst, she plays Claudia. Claudia is also sick with the black death. Louie finds her and decides he will save her from her fate. Maybe it is his need to be a father again. But is  being immortal  (a child forever) a gift or a curse?

What other 90's film would be complete with out the heartthrob of the decade.... Christian Slater. He plays, a reporter who, happens to be taking Louie story. Of course he does not believe that there is a thing as vampires. He will definitely be in for a surprise.

Feast on this little nibble of a feature.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 days of Horror......

The season is upon us my friends, where all things goolish, come out and play. the most exciting time of year. it is when you can make your friends/loved ones watched the most horrific movies; All in the name of Halloween. I like to pull out some of the most depraved things I have ever seen lol.... but I would not recommend that idea, for a Netflix and chill night.

Into The Further We Go

I would like to start the list out with one of my all time favorites. since Halloween takes us into the darkness and furthest reaches of a sick mind..... Insidious (2010)made the most sense.

This movie has a bit of everything. You have an amazing cast (you actually care about the family). The story-line is thought-out from beginning to end. When you are stressed and freaked out they even add in some humor ( all smart horror masters due).

You have a family that moves into a new home in California. After moving in one of their sons goes to sleep and never wakes up. The mother starts to believe the house is haunted, of course the dad doesn't (typical). Only issue is, it's not the house that is haunted....... IT IS THEIR SON!!!

But what truly makes this film great is the depiction of the demon and the further. the understand that setting can be a character in a film. Sometimes a truly vital character.

But for me it all boils down to that creepy Bitch? in a dress ( if you've seen it you now what I mean).
The ending makes it special. I hope you enjoy this haunted house pleasure.

I'll be back with a new film all this month.....Enjoy!!!