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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

3 For 1 Deal, Special on Clowns

Coulrophobia: The fear of Clowns

Since I was sick the last two days, I had not been able to post. So consider yourself lucky. We have a special on clowns. I happen to hate clowns with a passion. And for some reason, around this time of year people take it to far. There are actually people running around in costume, scaring whoever they can. Let's just say, I would freak if I bumped into one of these weirdos on the T.

If you are going to start with clowns, there is truly only one way to go. This movie did such a number on me as a kid. It is kind of funny now looking back at it. I admit at times they still creep me out.

Agh the 80's, what a decade filled with cinematic masterpiece's. Killer Clowns from Outer Space, crashed landed on us in 1988. While clowns has always been a concern, and a good way to freak out kids. Aliens clowns, not the biggest budget, questionable acting are what make this movie entertaining. It is definitely a film you go into watching, not expecting an Oscar level screenplay (but hey sometimes, those suck).

The premise is easy, Alien clowns crashed land on Earth, and terrorize a small town.

Clowns didn't just haunt the 80's, they are a cinematic treasure, that crosses decades. So when new clown films come out, I get excited. I know it sounds a little masochistic, but isn't that why we all tune in?????

Eli Roth being the horror lover that he is, obviously feels the same, about the masked creeps. He produced the 2014 film Clown. The movie is directed and written by, Jon Watts, and written by Christopher Ford.

This also has a easy premise, a father finds a clown suit in the attic, puts it on after the clown cancels for his son's birthday party. First off I couldn't believe that kid's still want to have clown parties. while the plot may seem easy, it is how everything plays out that makes this movie fun.

Of course there was only, one film that could be saved for last. This film is what gave most now adults, fears in their childhood. What's crazy is that this was a television movie; back when they were on more than just Lifetime.This film also let us know that forever, Tim Curry will be the man!!!

Now this movie, starts out as just a truly creepy clown flick. Kids start to go missing and are found savagely, killed. A group of misfit's attempt to fight the clown. Once when they are kids growing up, in small town Maine. Then again 30yrs later, as adults. Hoping this time, they put him down forever.

 It was a television movie, so it played over two nights. It started out really strong.Then Stephen King runs into a problem, I would say happens a lot; the ending. Just to be safe I won't spoil it, but  all of you that have seen it, know what I mean.

For Your Information:
This movie is in the process of being remade, it comes out 2017. It will be interesting to see how this ends up. I'm sure it won't be as good as Tim Curry's Pennywise "the clown". The production quality on the other hand should be great.