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Friday, August 26, 2016

Horror for the small screen

I love when I can find a great horror show on television. The only problem is that they are few and far between but when they are done right it gives me life. I've comprised a list of a few of my favorites that have been on television over the years.
Hannibal was the most amazing show to come from the mind of Bryan Fuller. Being a fan of the books and films his interpretation changed my out look on the story. His use of cinematography was just as important as his script. I mean the show has scully!!

The actor he chose to play Hannibal was fantastic. Mads Mikkelsen was born to play the role. While many praised Anthony Hopkins after seeing Mads in the role there is no comparison. First off his accent and background are more on par with the character. He also carries himself with a sense of class and sophistication, the way it should be played. And his clothes were just amazing, my brother looks for ways to to capture his style.No offense but Hopkins was over the top.

This is one show that I hope they are able to make a film or gets picked up so we can see where exactly Fuller was going to take the story.

 I was sad to see it go. RIP Hannibal 2013-2015 still alive in reruns on Amazon
Enjoy a taste

              OutCast by Cinemax

This was a new show that came out over the summer. It comes from the same creator that wrote the Walking Dead. While I may not read to many graphic novels this guy has me rethinking that. Robert Kirkman is a genius. He has the ability to bring this story to life from the pages to the screen.

This show tells the story of a small West Virginia town that has an unusual problem. They have been plagued by demons, resulting in an alarming amount of exorcisums. 

The protagonist has a special ability and teams up with a preacher to figure out what exactly is going on. Won't say more because it would be a spoiler.

This next choice is one I feel like has to be on the list. While I will say I was late to joining the craze but since I have I am enjoying the ride.

This is exactly what a true horror loves. It has gore, awesome killings and Zombies!! The beauty of it thouhg there is a great cast and one hell of  a script. The world ends and will people act reasonible or will society collapse. I have always believed in the latter.

 My question to you is who got to meet lucille up close and personal? AMC this fall
                     RIP 2014-2016
This was another short lived show but it was stunning. I loved how dark and gloomy it was it added a much needed atmosphere to truly capture the characters struggle.

The whole show is about one womans fight for her eternal soul. Vanessa Ives played beautifully by  Eva Green takes her character to the deepest darkest reaches of her soul.

On her journey she makes friends and everyone on the cast has something special to offer her in her lifelong battle. I mean you have a James Bond Timothy Dalton and the return of Josh Hartnett. It's a well rounded cast that take on fighting different types of evil.

Now this show ended ubrubtly over the summer, it was a suprise to all the fans. The writers said her story was done so there was no need for the show to go on but I would say it was probably the lack luster ratings.
You can find it on Netlix if you do not have Showtime.

                     my favorite is #9
No list would be complete without the best show of all time. While it might not be "horror" to some it truly is. It deals with aliens, serial killers, demons, inbreds, government cover ups and the list goes on. This show had some of the darkset episodes on a network television channel.

It was also able to show us some of the funniest episodes that a drama has ever done. It was so well thought out from beggining to end. I mean they were able to create a movie that was just a really long episode between two extremely complicated season. Agh the 90's had some good tv.

I was happy when the show came back if only for a short season over the spring but the way it ended seems like this won't be the last time we see the show. See you soon Mulder and Scully the FBI's least wanted.

All these shows offer something for everyone check them out and let me know which one is your favorite!