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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The new Master of Horror

James Wan Insidious 2

The horror game has changed over the last few decades. There are new players in the game and one man is leading the pact. James Wan has single handedly brought some of the most chillingly breathtaking films. Being as versatile as he is he just has his hands in different aspects of the genre. From producing to writer and of course directing he just hasn't stopped since he hit the American market in 2004 with the breakout hit Saw (that ending was epic!) Spoiler!!

This guy consistently finds new and unexpected ways to elevate the genre. He has breathed life into a genre that some thought was nothing more than Amityville remakes. Those faux fans shouldn't worry though there's one in the works and will be out next year Trailer. Now for those of us that live for scares, gore and what some might call torture porn; he's our answer.

This man can do no wrong in my eyes.....except for the time he said he was "leaving" horror to do Fast an Furious 7? Talk about a short lived break. Needless to say he did do that movie but he obviously came back to where his heart is. He can back with a bang showing critics and deniers that a sequel can be better than the first. The Conjuring 2 was one his best films. It absolutely captures and showcases all of his genius. The setting was so atmospheric and the characters were fleshed out ( something that usually goes missing in films). You care if anything bad happens to the family an cringe when you see fuck yea it sure does they go through hell. Trailer

Probably one of my favorite reasons to love him though is what he has done to help bring to life one of the creepiest short films on YouTube. It shows that he is the type of guy that cares about new and interesting pieces of work getting made. Needless to say he is truly a man after my own heart. Like many of us who get lost in the YouTube effect Wan heard about this small film that won in a Swedish film festival. Stepping it up as a producer Wan approached the creator of the short about making his movie into a feature film.  Lights Out has been killing it in theaters since it premiered a few weeks ago. Trailer

Check out the original short here. You definitely have to take a look before heading to the theaters to see what the buzz is about. Trust me it won't be a disappointment. Watch in the dark if you dare.  If your like me there is no other way to watch.