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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Don't You Like a Good Tease

I wait year round for San Diego Comic Con cool stuff. Now it might be true that yes we have here in Boston event info, nothing compares to the kick off in SD. You just never know what cool information might come out of it. Whether its news about the upcoming Marvel or DC franchises..... I like them but seriously is this what have to deal with for the next 10 years is going to monopolized by when it comes to fantasy and action. At this point I feel like I know Iron Man personally I get it, its cool.

Back on point this year was filled with a massive surprise to us horror fans. Most of you have probably heard about the little known movie The Woods hitting the circuit. I for one watched the trailer  and thought it seemed good but you couldn't really tell. Even the description " teens go into woods, they are not alone, trouble ensues" sounds familiar; like haunted house 101. Probably the most basic of horror set-ups but when done right is down right effective.

But what this studio managed to do, which I thought would be impossible with all the spoilers and leaks out today; shocked us all. Not only did they give a cool early screening for the woods they released too all of us what the movie was truly was and the who world went nuts. Just like many of us I was a huge fan of the original Blaire Witch trailer but was left needing more from the ending and without needing to say the second one did not deliver ( not even worth a notable just sucked)

They managed to sneak pass us all even with releasing a tease that yes the movie takes place in the woods it is actually a sequel of Blaire Witch that cater to everything we wanted or needed to happen at the end of the first. We can see from the trailer that Heather's brother still believing his sister is alive after new found evidence constructs a team (of course cause who wouldn't want to go into the haunted woods) built up of friends and some much needed locals. In classic horror fashion they will find what they are looking for or meant to see even if it's not what they want but isn't that what we all want........ YES!!!!!!!!

Check out the trailer here