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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer Fun

Summertime is almost over, but beofre it ends once Labor Day rears its ugly head, the kids are back from camp and ready to go back to school. Lets look at some classic summer trips that just make me want to swim with great whites, camp with maniacs or their mother.

1. Sleepaway Camp: Young Angela and her cousin Ricky get shipped off to Camp Arawak for the summer by Ricky's creepy mom. I don't think she'll be winning mother of the year anytime soon. Her look just adds to the awesomeness of the movie.

It has to be hands down one of my favorite movies. Yes it is filled with that cheesy 80's trope but the ENDING!!!!! It is now a cult classic due to that suprose is the last act. I remember the first time I saw it. I was with my friend Kristen doing our typical Video Thunder rental for the weekend ( we chose by vhs cover) and we came across this little gem and thought why not.

Well that moment changed our lives. Litterally if you've seen the ending then you know. Like most young kids we just kept replaying it.

2.Jason: This time young counselors are going to set up for the kids when they start getting picked off one by one. Another creepy mom in this one must of been a trend in the 80's.

This was great when I first saw it. I've seen them all but once he gets to space it was a bit much for me. This one also has a pretty cool ending for those that have never seen it but seriously how could you know have seen it.

3. Piranha 2010: A massive earthquake unleashes preastoric flesh eating creatures that casue more damage on Spring Break than college kids ever could.

I chose this version and not the original becuase selfishly I have actually been to spring break where this was filmed. Beautiful Lake Havasu, Arizona. rittled with kids and I could just image the damage these little creatures would do.

4. Cabin Fever 2002: More kids learning that when you go camping don't be rude to the locals because it just never ends up good.... Pancakes lol

This movie stuck with me for the sheer level of ugh but not gore I usually love and think is cool. Eli Roth  loves to make movies that are as gorey as possible in his vision. I'm still on the fence about him but this is fun.

5. Jaws: The tale of one of my favorite creatures. This film is beautifully shot, acted and plot driven. I mean come on that monologue on the boat.

This was a must on the list especially with all the great white sightings off the coast of Massachusetts this year.

Notable mention: Cannibal Holocaust for all those do gooders who take trips during the summer to help the natives. Hope the food is good.

Enjoy the water come Labor Day.